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I purchased a mattress set thru the end of November. It arrived the week of Xmas however the freight company was not equipped small for residential deliveries, so I had a friend with a truck go with me to pick it up at their location.

It was damaged. A forklift had went thru the box springs and the mattress was ripped. This was a start of a nightmare for me. First the furniture company made me take the damaged goods anyway or they would not replace my order.

I was not permitted to refuse the order. These items sat in my garage for a few weeks taking up space. I could not even park in my own garage. When my new order arrived, same issue, freight company could not get a big truck down a residential area.

I was asked to meet the driver at Wal Mart parking lot. Being a single woman, I did not feel safe meeting the driver after dark, so I told him I would find someone with a pickup truck to pick this up for me again. The freight company did not have a return ordered for the damaged items. Next time Great Furniture Deals contacted me about returning the damaged items I explained the problem and I requested them to send someone to pick up the damaged items, but I was told that since I picked them up from the freight company I had to return them to the freight company.

I asked if I would need a return order, the customer service rep with Great Furniture Deals said no, just my claim number. I reconfirmed this with her. This furniture company was relentless in making sure that these damaged items got returned. I did not understand this because they were unusable.

However, I received several emails about returning them. I once again found someone with a truck to take these items back to the freight company and the freight company refused them, they said I did not have proper paperwork (bill of laden) and were quiet rude about it and told me not to come back without proper paperwork. I told the customer service representative with Great Furniture Deals the nightmare I had gone thru on this stuff, they apologized and still insisted that I find a way to take these salvage items back to the freight company again. I am the customer.

When does this stop. I am not offered storage for these items taking up my parking garage. I am not offered reimbursement for having to locate someone with a pickup truck to continuously take these items back. I don't understand how this is good customer service.

These items are salvage, not usable. I should not have had to accept the order to begin with. A claim was filed against the freight company for the damage and I'm sure that Great Furniture Deals was reimbursed. They why do the relentlessly bother me and expect me to do all the work and expense of the salvage.

I am suppose to be the customer, but it is apparent that this company does not care about customer satisfaction. It was not my fault that the items were damaged, it was not my fault that I was forced to accept them anyway, it was not my fault that the freight company would not pick them up or even take the items back when delivered to them. This has been ongoing for five months.

Hind sight is 20/20, a good deal isn't always a good deal.

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Great Furniture Deal Verified Representative

*** Below Customer - Not Above

Great Furniture Deal Verified Representative

The above customer placed his order on 09/21/16 for two CUSTOM ordered (made in the USA) sofas. These take about 4 weeks to produce and 2-4 weeks to ship/deliver (It states on our website to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery as they are custom produced pieces).

The product shipped out on 10/26/16 (Still within the appropriate time frame)

The Customer called in requesting an update on 10/26/16 and filed a charge back with their credit card company after finding out they were not delivering that day.

The customer unfortunately did not understand the production time and delivery time associated with his order.

In our terms and conditions listed clearly on our site, it states that if an order is canceled after it ships, the customer is responsible for the return fees.

Since the customer filed a chargeback on this order with his credit card company, the order was stopped and returned according to the return policy.

The reason the customer did not receive the items is because of the charge back. We are only charging him the standard return fees associated with a return.


They just put it on our credit report and we are trying to fight it!! It was for a 2 sofas and we never received anything!

they put it on our credit report for $1803. Order was place in September 2016 tried to cancel before furniture was constructed in Oct2016 only once finding out it was going to take much longer.

Now its April 2017 and we so a collection.

We filed a complaint with the federal trade commission and also with and you can also file a complaint with utah attorney generals office. The federal trade commission said the more complaints they get on this illegitimate business they can open a class action lawsuit.

Utah Attorney Generals Office Link:

Federal Trade Commission Link: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Link:

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1307273

Don't use this company


Is there an end to this story?? I'm anxious to know what happened afterwards. Freight company should stick it

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